INSIDE THE GREENHOUSE | Re-telling climate change stories


Long-form explanatory podcast dealing with the environmental cost of shower-taking (and water usage) in the United States.

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Full video of Comedy for the 2016 Comedy for Climate Change event.

A brief introduction to the Comedy for Climate Change event.

Humorous video comparing climate change to everyday life as a college student, with musical accompaniment.

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Lively skit parodying popular gameshow "The Price is Right", playing with the idea of future climatic conditions under current climate change scenarios.

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Stand-up routine dealing with geopolitics in regard to international climate policy and the major players in climate change. Parallels are drawn to real life throughout.

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Climate issues viewed through the lens of the typical CU Boulder party scene. Jokes about polar ice, emissions, and water issues.

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Mother Nature appears as an eligible bachelorette in an homage to The Dating Game, featuring potential presidential candidates. Political comedy.

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Snowboarders attempt to grapple with the science behind climate change in this short skit. 

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Guest standup routine featuring Beth Osnes as "Climate Change", a problem just looking for someone to show that they care.

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Comedy skit featuring polar bears, riffing off of the Black Lives Matter movement and ASPCA ads. 

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Humorous stand-up routine touching on college majors, student life, and campus issues, connecting our more personal college lives with the broader issue of climate change.

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The gang tackles climate change in this hilarious parody of the show Always Sunny in Philadelphia.

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"Climate for 500, Alex". Time for another game show! This time it's celebrity jeopardy, with such notable faces as Hillary Clinton, Leonardo DiCaprio, and Dr. Sylvia Earle face off to determine who knows the most about climate issues.

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Jesus has an awkward, but funny exchange about climate change with his dad as our climate change prayers are answered in this religiously-themed skit.

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Closing act of 2016 Comedy for Climate Change event.