INSIDE THE GREENHOUSE | Re-telling climate change stories


2017 Comedy for Climate Change - Frame Tale Ending

ITG 2017 Comedy & Climate Change Video Competition Honorable Mention
Communicating Climate Change Infomercial (USA)

ITG 2017 Comedy & Climate Change Video Competition Third Place Runner Up
Dear Donald Trump (Austria)

ITG 2017 Comedy & Climate Change Video Competition Runner Up
Alternate Science (Vol. 1) (USA)

ITG 2017 Comedy & Climate Change Video Competition Winner
The Summit (Australia)

An animated turtle talks about his rough day at school learning about climate change and how it will impact sea turtles and other marine life.

Moving short film about one man’s transformation from a lifestyle of excessive resource consumption to one of moderation, conservation, and connectedness to the earth and the community around him.

People are interviewed about their chocolate consumption, followed by an overview account of how climate change will affect the growth of cacao and the entire chocolate industry.

Short film showing the effects of climate change on our world’s food supply.

Stephanie Selz sings about the effects of climate change in this acoustic music video. Film by Stephanie Selz.

Short film about the impacts of the palm oil industry on climate change that specifically looks at the use of palm oil in beauty products.

People from many different generations talk about the environment in this short film.

In this short film, a cow watches the news about climate change and then becomes an ambassador of flexitarianism.

An environmental consultant addresses a company in this short film.

Short film narrative of a diary entry about the current political situation with Trump not supporting climate change issues. 

This film received honorable mention in the 2016 Climate Change and Film Festival.